Current ROV progress


Both the OpenROVs are currently up and running well. The wiring for the Triggerfish and Pufferfish has also been completed. The “Bucket” OpenROV had a successful open water this weekend. Team members: Dr. Claveau, Dr. Dilly, Alexis, Chris, Paul and Jessica attended and had a good time testing out “Bucket” they even found a net at the bottom of the harbor!


Despite some hardware issues, the second OpenROV is functioning properly.


The team has also obtained a display tank that will be used at the CI Science Carnival on November 1st, as a demonstration of the ROVs capabilities for the community. Another open water test will be conducted tomorrow to prepare for this weekend, as both operational ROVs will be headed out to the Channel Islands for more testing.

Here’s a video of our first tank dive, showcasing the hold depth and heading mode on the OpenROV:

Here’s another video of our new parts being 3D printed!


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